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313mm 12.3inch Unassembled INJORA Wheelbase 1 YEL Unassembled 90047 90046 II SCX10 & SCX10 Axial Crawler RC 10 for Shell Car Body fzkd523a103996-New toy

Outgoing, defeated governor Scott Walker ends his reign by showing he’s a sore loser & charlatan

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Wisconsin Republicans have decided that they need to weaken the power of the governor and attorney general after they lost during the lame-duck period before Walker leaves.  If they had won, there would simply be no attempt to tamper with what they have inflicted. Estes 2181 Chrome Domes gold Series Flying Model Rocket Kit not to use the lame-duck session to jam through legislation like he did in 2018.

Republicans need to vote like former Walker cabinet members. Vote for Tony Evers. @Tony4WI

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If you only need some reasons why Scott Walker is untrustworthy, look no further than four former Walker cabinet officials who decided to make it clear that he is not to be trusted.  On November 6, 2018 please vote with us for Tony Evers.

Walker’s Reefer Madness superstitions hurt Wisconsin’s future with continuing Cannabis Prohibition

When recently asked about legalizing cannabis (using marijuana as a term was used by racist efforts by Harry Anslinger when cannabis prohibition laws were passed in the 1930’s after it being legal for thousands of years), Scott Walker used the tired “it’s a gateway drug” nonsense excuse to show his level of ignorance about the issue. Those who lecture us about personal responsibility, limited government, individual liberty and free markets should embrace the ending of racist-borne cannabis prohibition. Cannabis is less far harmful than alcohol to the consumer and especially to others in the community. The exact same penalties for using, possessing and selling cannabis should be the same than those of alcohol or tobacco.

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Gov. Scott Walker not for calling special elections attacks basic representative democracy

UPDATE: Judge orders Gov. Scott Walker to hold special elections for open legislative seats It looks like Walker lost the battle to fight democracy. MADISON – Dealing a setback to Gov. Scott Walker and other Republicans, a judge ruled Thursday the governor must call special elections…

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Walker announces 2018 reelection campaign on Halloween

 Walker will have a lot to answer to in the campaign, whether it’s his loyalty to the failing Donald Trump, downplaying the Foxconn boondoggle, lack of 250,000 jobs promised from his first term and other broken promises that plague his record as one of the most divisive governors in Wisconsin history.

Walker’s Wisconsin DNR ends Climate Change by erasing scientific reality

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It may be old news that Scott Walker gets money from the Koch Brothers and he obediently delivers their agenda, inflicting Wisconsin being their grand experiment that they hope to take nationally with the Trump administration. It should come as no surprise that Walker would be a Bonner Christmas Bells Song Book with CD (8 Songs; All Ages) denier which fits perfectly with his “commitment” to the Koch Brothers. They own him.

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